About me and who I am!

What about me, I was born in Colorado, but raised in Montana. When in high school we moved back to Colorado. Then after my son, we moved back to Montana to raise him. I feel like a Montana girl who wants to escape to the city. Living in both and not sure what is more important to me. The view and the peacefulness of Montana country are awesome, but I also enjoy the convenience of the city. 

I am a quiet, caring person who enjoys helping others. I love God, family time and feeling secure in life and living with a purpose.

My high school friends had this to say about me: “Dyan is the girl who never talks but when she starts she never stops”.  This quote was true for many years, but last year I found out that I can talk to strangers. I am passionate about my businesses and enjoy sharing with others. 

Sitting at my desk working both of my small businesses at the same time I could not help but think how lucky I am. I have not 1 but 2 businesses that make me happy, are making money and setting me up for the future.  I love being the CEO because I can work when and where I want to. 

About me with Mark

Working through life!

However, I was not sure I would ever survive 2020. You see, I lost my rock and best friend, my mom, on December 30, 2019. I did not know how I would make it with out you. Shortly after my father passed away. Then we have the Corona-virus and the possible loss of our Security business. Like that was not enough, my husband was diagnosed with terminal metastatic melanoma. I could have given up but I did not.  My mother raised me to be strong, get up, wipe my butt off and keep going.  That is when I turn to my faith to guide me. Trying to listen, I started with a new company. So far everything is going well. 

All about me and listening to God

The other day I woke and knew I was going to be good. My life is in Gods hands and I trust him. I know he is taking me in an awesome direction with my own business. I have never seen a business so supportive and helpful. Plus everyone I have come into contact with has been super fun.